Baby Names

Baby Names 1.9

Generates personalize gifts based on a person's name
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Insert a name and the program will automatically create poems, cards and other personalized games for that person. It covers numerous events birthdays, Christmas, Easter, etc. and relationships: brother, daughter, mother, etc.

Thanks to ultrasound scans, parents can now find out the sex of their yet unborn child at about the forth to fifth month of pregnancy. A program called "Baby Names" may become of a great importance at that point. It has an internal database of about 21 thousand names and their meanings.

The program has a built-in advanced search functionality that will let you specify the region or original language of the intended name. In addition, you can select the name's gender to be male, female or both. Once you find some names you like, you can simply add them to your favorite list, so you can view them later on.

One of the disadvantages of this program is that it doesn't have any option to export the list of the names you chose, so you can only show it to your friends and family when they're around. Another disadvantage is that you have to input your real e-mail address in order to get a free trial key that will keep the program running for 10 days or 10 launches whichever comes first. Additionally, names containing 'e' or 'i' letters will not be viewable in the free trial version of this software, plus 'the favorites' option is also disabled.

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  • More than 21 thousands of names
  • Well categorized
  • Search functionality


  • The list of favorite names cannot be exported
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